Friday, February 5, 2016

Where Is Your Laptop?

Yelling from the other end of the corridor, Samuel Harlow, CEO of a non-profit agency, stated, "Dennis Johnson, come fix my laptop!"
"Fix it yourself!" Dennis Johnson, the IT manager, mumbled in return. Emerging from his office and looking in the direction of the CEO, Dennis announced, "Be there in a second."
As his stomach performed somersaults, Dennis sauntered up the corridor, stuck his head in Janelle McQueen's office and said, "Lunch and drinks in fifteen minutes. I'm going to need a drink after I fix Harlow's laptop - again."
"Okay. We are not supposed to drink during work hours," she replied.
"If anyone worked for Samuel Harlow, they would drink at work, too. Be back in a few," Dennis countered.

Walking past the vacant secretary's desk, Dennis entered the CEO's office. "Yes, sir. How may I help you?" Dennis asked.
"My laptop is broken again. It won't come on. I thought you fixed it the last time. What seems to be the problem, Dennis?" Samuel asked in a harsh tone.
"Let me have a look. Would you mind letting me sit in your chair?"
"No, not at all," Samuel replied, as he and Dennis traded places.
Dennis glared at his supervisor's work area. He became puzzled. Dennis looked to his left and to his right. He then took a quick glance underneath Samuel's desk. Dennis mumbled," I can't fucking believe this." After he took a deep breath, Dennis asked, "Mr. Harlow, where is your laptop?"
"Did I stutter muther fucker?" Dennis thought. He turned toward Samuel and repeated, "Where is your laptop?"
"What do you mean?"
Waving his hand over the place where the laptop should be, Dennis offered, "There is nothing here but your docking station. Look at's only your docking station....there is no laptop. There's no laptop to turn on!" in a direct tone. "Did you forget to take your damn pills?" Dennis wanted to ask.
"Ohhhhhhhhh! My bad. I just remembered. I left it at home by mistake. I have to make a major presentation to the board of directors on tomorrow, and I would lose my head if it wasn't connected to my shoulders," Samuel stated in an attempt to add some humor to the situation.
"Okay," Dennis said as he removed himself from Samuel's desk and began to exit the office. He turned to the CEO and announced from the corridor, "Because of this situation, I'm taking a long lunch with Janelle. Don't ask us for a leave slip, either. I mean it."

Dennis shouted from the corridor toward his co-worker's office, "Janelle! Get your pocketbook and let's go to lunch! Hurry up!"
Janelle obeyed her favorite co-worker's command and could hardly wait to learn what was in store for Dennis Johnson.

Until next time, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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