Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Can You Eat It?

"Hey Uncle Dylan! Michael has finished helping me with my math homework," Jerron, the six-year-old, announced to his favorite uncle. Jerron's mother was working late, and his father was on a weekend assignment for the television station.
"That's great!" Dylan said. The McQueen's were babysitting the youngster until the morning as his new daughter/niece, Deidre was curled up on a nearby overstuffed chair reading a teen novel, and his son, Michael, was upstairs listening to some music. Dylan's wife, Janelle, was having a three-way telephone conversation with her parents in the master bedroom.  
"I have to ask you something very, very important," Jerron stated. He sat next to Dylan on the large sofa.
"What is it?" Dylan quizzed. He reached for the glass of water before him and began to take a few gulps.
"What is a pussy, and can you eat it?" Jerron asked all at once.
Dylan coughed and sprayed his water from the shock of his nephew's question. Deidre giggled uncontrollably from behind her paperback novel.
"Why do you ask that question?" Dylan asked.
"Well, one night Mommy and Daddy were in their bedroom. I woke up to use the bathroom. She was crying and kept saying, 'Eat that pussy.' 'Eat that pussy.'
Stumbling for the right words to say against Deidre's now audible laughter, Dylan replied, "I'm going to let my sister and brother-in-law explain that to you. I think it's time for you to go to bed, young man. They will pick you up early in the morning.
"Okay. Thanks, uncle," Jerron said. "He then turned to Deidre and asked, "What's so funny, cousin Deidre?"
With tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks, Deidre replied, "You."

Until next time, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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