Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's A Cup Holder

The nearly seventy-year-old non-profit employee, Thelma Grant, stood in front of her cubicle. She folded her arms across her chest and searched up and down the corridor for someone to help her. Thelma enjoys her second career at the agency and plans to retire within the next few months to spend more time with her husband, children and grandkids.

Becoming slightly impatient, Thelma strolled up the corridor and found Janelle McQueen sitting in the CEO's office. Janelle was sitting across from her supervisor with feet apart, elbows on her lap and head hung low. It looked as though Janelle was sitting on the toilet. "He must be talking bull crap to her, again," Thelma thought.  She returned to her cubicle and found Dennis Johnson, the IT manager walking in her direction.

"Oh, Dennis! Can you help me?"
Dennis replied, "Sure. What do you need?"
"Well, my cup holder is broken?"
"Huh? How do you think I can fix a cup holder?" asked Dennis.
Smiling at the young man, Thelma replied, "I heard that you can fix anything. Step into my cube."
"Where's the cup holder?"
"It's right here, Dennis," Thelma replied, pointing to her cup holder.
"See, it won't come out." Demonstrating her morning ritual with the computer, Thelma continued, "Every morning when I arrive, I push this little button on the hard drive. Then, the round tray with the hole comes out. This is where I place my hot coffee or iced drinks. I think it's just a great invention."
In a state of shock, Dennis offered, "Ummmm...Mrs. Grant...that's your disc drive."
"No, Dennis. It's a cup holder, and I need it fixed...right away."
"It's for a disc, not a cup, Mrs. Grant."
"No, it's a cup holder!" Thelma insisted.
Taking a deep breath and biting his bottom lip, Dennis acquiesced, "Okay, you're absolutely correct. Actually, this project is too big for my limited knowledge. So, I'm going to have a computer contractor come here and fix this for you. Hopefully, they will be here before lunch."
"Thanks, dear."
"You're going to feel like an idiot when they confirm it's a disc drive," Dennis thought. He stepped outside of Thelma's cubicle and yelled toward Samuel Harlow's office, "Janelle McQueen! Hurry up! I need lunch and a drink....right now! I know it's only 10:30 in the morning!"

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