Thursday, April 23, 2015

Did You Type, PASSWORD....?

"Dennis Johnson!" Samuel Harlow, the CEO of a small non-profit agency, shouted into the telephone
receiver. He had an emergency with his computer and wanted it corrected, immediately.
In a calm and rational tone, Dennis replied, "Yes, Mr. Harlow. How may I help you?"
"I've been away from the office for a few days and forgot my password. I need you to help me... right now. I have a major presentation this afternoon," Mr. Harlow replied in frustration.
"Dumb ass!" Dennis thought. The IT manager turned toward his keyboard and clicked a few keys until he reached Samuel Harlow's account. Dennis continued, "I'm changing your password, right now."
Breathing a sigh of relief, Mr. Harlow stated, "Thank you."
After a few more clicks of the keyboard, Dennis stated, "Your new password is 'PASSWORD' in all caps. You can change it later."
"Thanks," Mr. Harlow stated as he immediately terminated the call.

Minutes later, Dennis' phone rung once again. "The password you gave me isn't working, Dennis! What the hell are we paying you for?!?"
Collecting his thoughts and taking a few deep breaths, Dennis replied, "Did you type, 'PASSWORD' in all caps?"
"Yes, I did! Come down here and fix this, now!"

Dennis marched toward the CEO's office. He entered the sparsely decorated room without speaking to the secretary or greeting Mr. Harlow. Dennis' blood was boiling and smoke was escaping from his ears.
"What are you typing?" Dennis asked while Mr. Harlow retyped the new password.
"I'm typing, 'PASSWORD IN ALL CAPS,' just like you told me!"
"You dumb ass muther fucker!" Dennis shouted within his mind. Exhaling, Dennis reached for a sticky note and a pen on Mr. Harlow's cluttered desk and wrote in capital letters, 'PASSWORD.'" Showing Mr. Harlow the sticky note, Dennis requested, "I need for you to type this word exactly as you see it." "You jackass," he wanted to say aloud.
Mr. Harlow followed his employee instructions and was instantly surprised that he was now logged onto his personal computer. "Thanks, Dennis."
Dennis thought, "Kiss my ass." Instead, he replied, "You're welcome," and quickly exited the CEO's office to finish updating his resume and job application.

Until next time, keep praising HIS name,
Sir Charles

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