Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Swallowed Him!

Ava Balthrop stood on the grassy shore among Isaac Chambers' grieving relatives and friends. The brisk wind rushed across her shoulder length hair and black dress. In the midst of her wailing, the warm March breeze felt good on Ava's skin. Isaac Chambers had died on top of Ava during an afternoon of passion. Ava always knew that Isaac's retirement check was deposited into his account on the third of each month. So, she made sure that Isaac was a happy man and received a monetary incentive for her "visits." And Isaac paid her very well for her "services."

Isaac's daughter, Carla, glared at Ava during the shore side memorial service. "How dare she show her face here and cry like she's the grieving widow," Carla mumbled. She continued, "I wish she would shut the hell up. All that crying is making my head hurt." Ava sobbed even more loudly as the preacher led the mourners in prayer.

The deceased last request was to have his ashes tossed into the river because he had spent so much time there having picnics with his former wife, children and friends. After the minister had delivered the benediction, Carla moved closer to the shore and removed the urn's lid. Her twin brother, Carlos, stood next to her with Ava moving to the other side of Carla.

As the ashes were released from its container, another gust of wind rushed across the beach as Ava released another hard cry. The hard breeze suddenly changed its direction and carried most of Isaac's remains directly into Ava's open and sobbing mouth. She could feel all of Isaac flying down her throat. She began to cough profusely.

"Damn it! I swallowed him! I can feel some bone in my throat!" Ava exclaimed. She continued to cough as Carlos and a few of the mourners laughed, hysterically. Carla was in a state of shock as the remainder of her father's ashes flew into the river.

"What am I suppose to do?!?" Ava coughed toward Carla. "He went into my mouth!"
Narrowing her eyes at Ava, Carla stated, "I'm sure my father was always in your mouth. So, this shouldn't be anything new to you. Now, you can rest assure that he will ALWAYS be with you...since he didn't leave you anything in his will."
Ava coughed, "You evil bitch!"

Until next week, keep praising HIS name,
Sir Charles

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