Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Life Well Lived

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My estranged husband, Roger, has been calling me repeatedly since I left him several weeks ago. His constant whining, complaining and overspending was driving me crazy as well as his "women" on the side. One day, I decided to answer his telephone call just so he would leave me alone. I was enjoying my days at work and coming home to my quiet apartment. Our children applauded me for leaving Roger and taking some time to sort out my marriage. During our brief conversation, Roger stated that his doctor gave him five years to live.
"Five years?" I asked in disbelief.
"Yep. I have five years left on this earth," Roger offered.
"For what?"
"I have a leaky heart valve."
"A leaky heart valve?" I repeated. After some thought, I asked, "I thought doctors give patients six months to a year to live. Nowadays, there's so much that they can do for heart problems. How did you get five years?"
"I dunno. Can you come back to me for the rest of my five years?" asked Roger.
I replied, "No. But make sure your life is a life well lived," as I ended the call.  
I think Roger wants me to return home to help him with the mortgage payment and car note.  You know, there's only five years left on the house note, and one year left on his car note. I'm just saying...

Yours truly,
Samantha Brewer

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