Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Hair Is On Fire

"Come on in," Lacey Jones greeted as she opened the door to her newly built house. Her two-story home was one of the last constructions in the brand new subdivision. "I'm glad you could come and see my new house," Lacey added.
"Me too," I stated, giving my friend a quick hug. Noticing her curly hairdo and entering the house that still smelled like fresh lumber, I added, "Your home is really, really nice."
Closing the front door behind us, Lacey said, "Thank you! Let me give you the grand tour of the house."
"Okay, I said as I followed her to the living room, patio deck, eat-in kitchen, baths, bedroom suite and finally back to the family room with brief, upbeat and complimentary conversations in each room.
After Lacey offered me a seat on the leather sofa, she asked, "Would you like a drink?"
"Is the Pope Catholic?" was my response.
Releasing a hearty laugh, Lacey stated, "I will take that as a "Yes."

When she returned with two glasses of brandy, Lacey suddenly remembered something. She gave me one and sat the other on the glass coffee table.

"Oh Charles! I forgot to show you my gas fireplace. This is a state-of-the art fireplace," as she opened the fireplace doors. Lacey stuck her curly head inside of the fireplace and turned on a button. She waited a few moments and returned her head to the open living room. "Isn't this beautiful?" Lacey asked toward the roaring flame.
"Yes it is," I replied and noticing puffs of smoke.
"I do have something to tell you."
I replied, "Your hair is on fire," sipping my brandy on the leather sofa.
Patting her curly hair, "What? Not again! Every time I stick my head in that darn fireplace my hair starts to smoke. It must be the curl activator I'm using."
"Yes. Last week, I went outdoors in that cold air and my hair started smoking again. The dog from next door started barking at me. I didn't know what was going on until I got in my car and looked at myself in the rearview mirror. My jaw dropped to my chest."

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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