Thursday, June 12, 2014

We've Been Drinking Since 11 a.m.

Janice Mason stumbled into the new Mexican restaurant on the arms of her gray-haired husband,
Joseph. The husband and wife gingerly walked into the cantina and noticed the regular bar patrons sitting on their usual stools. Joseph seated Janice on the closest bar stool, took a sigh of relief and then stood next his favorite bar friends. Janice took a deep breath and greeted those around her as her eyes opened and closed with each word that she spoke.

Everyone seated at the bar ordered nachos with two dipping sauces and another round of drinks – of course. Janice ordered nachos and guacamole dip along with a round of tequila shooters for her and her friends. As she released a hiccup, Janice’s handbag fell from her lap onto the floor. After some thought, Janice slid off of the bar stool to retrieve her oversized designer handbag. However, since she could no longer stand in an upright position; Janice decided to sit on the floor – much to the bar patron’s surprise. Joe released a loud sigh and wondered when was Janice going to ask for assistance.

Moments later, Janice became excited when Rafael, the slender, dark-haired, server came to her rescue. They carried on a hushed conversation while Rafael used all of this strength to hoist Janice back onto her stool. She thanked and complimented Rafael on his exotic looks.

Janice then asked Joe, “What time is it?”
“It’s 5:45,” Joe replied.
“Oh, it can’t be! We’ve been drinking tequila since 11 a.m.,” Janice retorted.
"No, you’ve been drinking tequila since 11 a.m.” Joe countered.
“Oh, dear,” Janice mumbled as her eyes slowly opened and closed until she was was buried face down in her guacamole dip.
Joe announced, “I guess she can cancel her facial appointment in the morning.”

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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