Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My ________ Is On Fire!

washer and dryer
This past week, Juanita Greene was diagnosed with the flu. She had a fever with aches all over her body. Juanita had even lost her appetite. Her devoted daughter, Shawndra, decided to assist her by doing some house cleaning and laundry until Juanita is fully recovered.

On laundry day, Shawndra placed Juanita's underwear in the washing machine. The thirty-something daughter, turned on the washer, added a scoop of highly fragrant detergent that she had purchased especially for her mother and allowed the machine to do its work.

While waiting for her underwear to finish washing and drying, Juanita decided to eat a slice of toast and take a quick shower. Once the garments were washed and dried, Shawndra folded and placed the underwear in the drawer in Juanita's bedroom, and quickly left for a late day appointment.

Some time later, Juanita opened her underwear drawer and was overcome by the fragrance from the laundry detergent. She coughed and sneezed. Juanita then stepped into a pair of lavender panties, pajama bottoms and top. It was now time for her afternoon nap. During her slumber, Juanita felt a burning sensation deep between her legs. She lifted her panties away from her body and distinctly smelled the laundry detergent wafting from her groin.

"Auugghh! My coochie is on fire!" Juanita exclaimed within her bedroom. "That damn laundry detergent! I told Shawndra that I didn't like that detergent she brought over here!" Juanita rushed to her bathroom and began to wash off the scent with soap and water. However, the soap added to the burning sensation. In an attempt to stop the unpleasant feeling, Juanita laid naked across her queen-sized bed with a cool compress between her legs. "Ahhhhh!" Juanita murmured. "Now, I have to re-wash all of my underwear with my regular detergent. Shawndra is only going to wash my curtains from now on," Juanita stated toward the ceiling.

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