Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Unexpected Passenger

(Join me in welcoming guest blogger, Lynda Dian Eggleston. ~ Sir Charles)

First of all, let me say how honored I am to write a blog posting for "The Smile Network with Sir
Charles." I have never done this sort of thing before. I have had the displeasure - I mean pleasure - of working with Charles for the last several years. Sometimes, he likes to play small practical jokes on me. However, I have found it necessary just to lift him up in prayer. Charles has already mentioned the following incident on Facebook. However, I would like to share just a couple of extra details.

Last week after a long and stressful day at the office, I gathered my belongings and left the building at the stroke of five. Most of my co-workers decided to stay for another hour or so, but not me. I had things to do - like go to prayer service at church. I am one of those church ladies that runs up and down the aisles praising the Lord. On a few occasions, I may do a "Wonder Woman" twirl if the Spirit hits me the right way. Then, I pass out. Some of my church members think it is because I do so much running and twirling. I like to think that it is because of the Holy Spirit.

While walking to my SUV in the surface parking lot across the street from my office building, I was interrupted by a call from my daughter. Deciding to multi-task, I answered the call and continued on my journey toward my vehicle. However, I felt as though someone was following me in broad daylight. I did not want to turn around in the middle of the street in fear that I would be hit by a car. The call with my daughter lasted for just a few quick seconds.

When I approached my vehicle, I unlocked it my remote keyless entry device and placed some items on the back seat. After a few moments of fumbling with the items, I took my position behind the steering wheel. And to my complete and utter surprise, I found Charles sitting in the passenger's seat. I gave him a puzzled look like he had just lost his everlasting mind.

Charles asked, "Can you give me a ride home to Petersburg?"
With my jaw near my chest, I replied, "Petersburg is twenty-five miles away." Pointing at my dirty windshield, I added, "Look, I'm going down the street and around the corner. Then, you're going to have to jump out - and find the rest of the way home.That's the best I can do for you," as we both released a hearty laugh.

I am just thankful Charles is not a carjacker or something.....well, he is a little crazy...and an unexpected passenger. Also, I keep some mace,pepper spray and a taser gun handy - just in case.

Thank you for reading and best regards,
Lynda Dian Eggleston

"Some take a smoke break, I take a 'Smile Network' break.  It’s healthier!"
 ~ Patricia Lewis Mills, Author

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