Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lift Up Your Long Dress

In the shopping mall's parking lot, Clarissa De Lavallade released her three pre-school age daughters and six-year old son from her mini-van. Clarence Rudolph De Lavallade, II, her husband, was working on an important contract at the nearby military base. He was scheduled to work a full twelve hours - much to Clarissa's dismay. Earlier in the day, Clarissa took her darling children for their regular pediatric checkup. After the female pediatrician had examined one child, she thought of a question for Clarissa.

"What do you and your husband do in your free time?" she asked as she examined the next child.
Clarissa replied, "Feed these children and visit the pediatrician."
The middle-aged doctor gave Clarissa a faint smile and moved to the next child.

The De Lavallade's strolled into the main entrance of the extravagant mall with Clarissa dressed in a printed maxi dress and flat shoes. All four of her children were excited to visit the air-conditioned mall and shouted which store they wanted to visit. As usual, the young
De Lavallade's ran toward the escalator. Riding the moving stairs were the best part of their trip to the mall.

Stepping onto the escalator, Clarissa ordered her children to hold hands as she stood directly behind them. Seconds later, Clarissa felt a tugging on her long dress. The tugging sensation felt as though the dress would free itself from her body. Looking downward, Clarissa realized that her maxi dress was snugly engaged in the escalator.

Immediately, the escalator's emergency alarm sounded as dozens of shoppers turned toward Clarissa De Lavallade. Her dress inched its way off of her body as she feverishly tried to free herself from the entanglement. Eight inches of fabric became engaged in the escalator as her children giggled at the sight behind them. Fortunately, the maintenance man arrived in a nick of time and released the wife and mother of four from her embarrassing bondage.  A few minutes later, the mall manager arrived and insisted that Clarissa visit the alterations department to remove the oil stain. Clarissa declined the offer and was more than relieved that she was not "dress-less" in front of her precious angels and the entire mall.

A few hours later and on their way home, Clarissa's son, Clarence Rudolph, better known as C.R. stated, "Mom, the sign on the escalator said to keep loose objects away from the escalator. Next time, lift up your long dress."
"Yes, dear," was Clarissa's reply as her daughters giggled from the back seat.

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