Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Chef Betty Ann

Special Guest Blogger - Chef Betty Ann

Let me start by saying that I am so excited that Sir Charles has asked me to be his guest blogger. This is my very first blog posting. Now, I'm not really a chef like the blog title states. Actually, I can't cook worth a damn. Unfortunately, I had told Charles about some of my experiences in the kitchen, and he thought that they were worth sharing- I hope.

I am in my late forties and have very little experience in the kitchen - none actually. My brother, Robert, is an extremely good cook. Robert has worked at various upscale restaurants throughout the United States. Against his better judgement, Robert tried to teach me to cook on a few occasions. However, those lessons were an epic fail. My first cooking lesson was vegetable soup. "You can't go wrong with that. You can put most anything in the soup," Robert had stated on the phone while I prepared my ingredients. Taking my brother at his word, I dumped a lot of vegetables in a large pot along with some water and seasonings and brought it to a hard boil. Looking into the pot, I realized that the soup was clear and thin. So, I added some ketchup, lard, bacon grease, and mayonnaise to the pot to make it thick and red and flavorful.

A few hours later, Robert called to check on my progress. I had told him that I was still cooking the soup and had added ketchup, bacon grease, mayonnaise and lard to the pot.
Robert shouted into the phone, "What?!" You added ketchup, lard, bacon grease and mayonnaise to the soup?!"
"Yes, you said to add anything I wanted to it. And I want my soup to be red in color," I replied.
"I meant vegetables - not lard and mayonnaise! You could've used tomatoes or vegetable juice to turn your soup red! Don't you put nothing else in that pot!" Robert shouted.
"Well, you didn't tell me that!" I shouted in returned and quickly terminated the call.

After some weeks had passed, I had a craving for pigs feet. Once again, I called my brother for his expert opinion on cooking my favorite dish. Robert gave me some cooking instructions and promised to stop by my house after work to check on my progress. Well, I had placed the pigs feet in a pressure cooker along with some water and seasonings. The soul food delicacy had been cooking for some time when Robert had finally arrived. He sat at my kitchen table and stared at the stove.

Feeling like this would be my greatest cooking accomplishment, I removed the lid from the pressure cooker. In order to find out if the pigs feet were tender, I stuck one of them with a fork. And to my surprise, the pig's foot popped out of the pressure cooker and across Robert's face until it landed on the floor.  I'm not sure why that happened. But Robert stated, "I guess it was trying to run away from you."

Thank you, Sir Charles for this blogging opportunity! I hope to do this again real soon!

With love,
Betty Ann

When I read your stories, it is truly like a box of cherries, I NEVER know WHAT I'm gonna get." ~ a regular blog reader

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