Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Are Still A Sophomore (Huh?)

The sixty-year old undergraduate student, Saundra Harris, had just finished her final presentation for Economics 402. She is schedule to graduate within a few short days. Saundra thought that she looked nice in her "Hillary Clinton pantsuit" and even wore her dentures for the presentation. Saundra's much younger classmates were dressed in wrinkled slacks, mini-skirts, halter tops, t-shirts, or baggy clothes for their presentations. And one of Saundra's male classmates, Tyson Braxton, even wore a tight skirt with leggings.

Seated behind Saundra, Tyson leaned in and whispered, "Do you think anyone thinks I'm gay?"
Scanning Tyson from head-to-toe over her shoulder, Saundra whispered in return, "No. I doubt it." She thought, "I hope he knows that I'm lying."

Following the presentations and some harsh fashion critiques from Doctor Patrick Adekoya, Chairman of the Economics Department; Saundra remained after class to speak with her favorite professor. She specifically wanted to know her final grade in hopes of graduating Summa Cum Laude. During their conversation, Tiffany Wells, a graduating senior flew into the partially empty classroom. She scanned the room and only saw Saundra and the professor.

Slightly out of breath, Tiffany announced, "I'm sorry, Doctor Adekoya, but I had to buy my cap and gown and mail my invitations. I'm so sorry that I missed my presentation. Can I do it right now?"
"No," Doctor Adekoya replied.
"Why? I have it right here," asked Tiffany. She turned her attention toward Saundra and said, "Hey, Ma," - which is Saundra's nickname on the medium-sized campus. Tiffany continued, "Ma, I thought you were going to run for homecoming queen last year."
Saundra replied, "Girl, I'm too old for that stuff. I'm trying to graduate - on time."
Interrupting the conversation, Doctor Adekoya stated, "Miss Wells, you have missed a very important presentation and...."
"I know. I know. I can still do it, now. My parents are coming here from their vacation in France to see me graduate."
"Miss Wells, this is the second time that you have taken this required Economics class. You got a "C" the first time. And this time - you have a "F," Doctor Adekoya stated. "I don't know why you took this class again," he added.
"Did I stutter?" asked Doctor Adekoya as he turned toward his computer screen. He began to type on his keyboard. Saundra wanted to disappear into thin air.
Tiffany asked, "What are you saying?"
"I am saying that you have failed this class," Doctor Adekoya repeated.
"I can still graduate."
Studying his computer monitor, Doctor Adekoya stated, "Well, no you cannot."
"You have a 1.2 grade point average and only completed 24 semester hours. You've dropped quite a few classes and have so many "I's" that have turned into "F's" - that I cannot count them all. It looks like you are still a....."
"Huh? What are you saying?" Tiffany asked in a panic.
"What I am saying is - call your parents and tell them to stay in France. You are still a sophomore and not a graduating. You may can take back your cap and gown and get your money back."

Upon hearing the news, Tiffany fell into a chair that Saundra had quietly slid behind her. Tiffany stared off into space wondering how she was going to break the news to her parents - again. She seemed to be in a catatonic state.
"Miss Harris would you like to join me in the faculty dining room for lunch? And it looks like you are graduating Summa Cum Laude,"  Doctor Adekoya announced.
"That's great news!  I sure would love to have lunch with you! But, what about Tiffany? Is she still alive?" asked Saundra.
"Yes. Let her keep staring into space. She and I went through this same thing last year when she had a 0.5 grade point average," Doctor Adekoya stated. He retrieved his briefcase and walked out of the classroom with Saundra Harris one step in front of him.

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