Thursday, May 9, 2013

Aren't You Jerry Thompson? (In Jesus' Name)

Dylan McQueen had dropped his son, Michael or 'Buddy' as he affectionately known, off for his swimming lesson at the YMCA. His wife, Janelle, decided to treat herself to a day at the spa. So, Dylan decided to use his free time to visit his uncle in the hospital. He arrived at the large hospital immediately after breakfast was served. Dylan found his way to Jerry Thompson's room and gently tapped on the door. Jerry appeared excited to see his sister's son.

"Come on in! I'll be out of here in two days! How's my nephew?" Jerry announced in a cheery, upbeat tone.
Taking a seat near his uncle, Dylan replied, "I'm good, Uncle. I wish you were."
"Ohhhh, don't worry about me. I'm going to be just fine. The doctor and nurses are doing a good job," Jerry stated. "How are Janelle and Michael?"
"They are good, too. I think Janelle's niece is going to move in with us. Her mother is gone, and we don't know who or where her father is."
"Okay. How do you feel about that?" asked Jerry as he pulled the top sheet to his chest.
"I'm fine with it. Buddy is excited to have someone to blame stuff on."
"Ha! I bet Michael is.." Jerry started to say before he found two visitors at his hospital door.

The two female visitors were tall in stature and pleasingly plump. They both wore black wigs and black outfits. White doilies adorned their heads. Standing to greet his uncle's visitors, Dylan said, "Hi. Come on in." The two ladies hugged and kissed Dylan on the cheek. He now smelled of "eau de toilet."
"How are you doing, Jerry?" asked one of the ladies. She finally released Dylan from her bear hug.
"I'm doing just great. Hopefully, I can go home in a day or two," he replied.

The two ladies took a seat near Jerry while Dylan sat on the spacious window sill. They engaged one another in conversation for fifteen minutes. After a brief pause, Jerry had a question for one of his visitors.

"Janice, have you seen or heard from cousin Rollie?"
"Who? I'm not 'Janice'?"
"You're not?" asked Jerry as his jaw dropped to his chest in shock.
"No, I'm not," the lady, replied.
"Aren't you were my cousin, Janice McLaughlin? I haven't seen her in years. Who in the hell are you, then?" asked Jerry. Dylan giggled while sitting in the window sill.
"I am Sister Ida Mae Banks, and this is Sister Debra Irene Jones. We are from your church - the Seventh Street Baptist Church Missionary and Visitation Society. We just wanted to stop by for a visit and pray with you." Dylan knew that Jerry was a member of Fourth Baptist Church. "This is getting good," Dylan thought.
"Ohhhh...I appreciate that, but...."
Interrupting, Sister Banks asked, "Well, aren't you Jerry Thompson?"
"I sure am."
"Ohhhh....." Sister Banks muttered as her voice trailed off. She now realized that there was something unfamiliar about Jerry.
 "Don't you belong to our church?" asked Sister Jones.
"No," Jerry replied.
Sister Jones asked, "Can I use the telephone to call the church, please? We left our cell phones in the car. There must be some mistake," all while picking up the telephone that was resting on Jerry's bed.
"Sure," replied Dylan. He was dying of laughter deep inside his spirit.

Sister Jones called the church to verify the name and room number of the person they were scheduled to visit, she asked, "Are we supposed to visit Brother Jerry Thompson, and what room is he in?" After a few seconds had passed, Sister Jones exclaimed, "Fuck! Damn it! Not again! Shit! I can't believe this gaddamn mess!" She quickly ended the call.
Now, turning her attention toward Sister Ida Mae Banks, Sister Jones stated, "Well, it looks like we're on the wrong floor. We have to leave," as she headed toward the door.
Grabbing her large handbag from the floor, Sister Debra Irene Jones announced, "We done messed up, again. But, we sure hope you feel better - in Jesus' name."
"Amen," Jerry and Dylan said in unison.

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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