Friday, May 31, 2013

A Fortunate Accident

"Whatever you do - don't look at Papa," Anna announced to her younger brother, Rudy. Anna began to savor her hot dog on bun at her grandparent's Memorial Day cookout.
"Why not?" asked Rudy, taking a seat next to his teenage sister.
"Because, he's asking everyone to fix him a plate. And he fell out of his raggedy lawn chair a few minutes ago. I don't know why Papa keeps sitting on it," Anna replied.
"Oh," Rudy stated as he studied his grandparents, Samantha and Roger Brewer, across the lawn.

Roger sauntered toward his wife standing by a picnic table, and asked, "Isn't this a nice cookout? The kids and grandkids are here, and my brother and sister-in-law."
While arranging condiments and buns on the table, Samantha, replied, "Well, it would've been nice to have known ahead of time that we were having a cookout."
"I told you that we were having a cookout..."
Interrupting her husband of thirty years statement, Samantha replied, "Yes, you did...while we were in the grocery store..two hours ago, Roger."
"Didn't I pay for all this food and invited everybody?" he asked.
"Yes, you did. All of this cheap ass food for fifty bucks. And you invited everyone while we were shopping in the grocery store. Go figure."
"Don't be mad. What can I do to help?" asked Roger.
"Oh, just go somewhere and sit down. And please stopping asking folks to fix you a plate. There's nothing wrong with you."
In a huff, Roger left Samantha at the picnic table and asked his family and friends, "Who's gonna fix me a plate?"

Since Roger did not receive any offers, he walked toward another table near the gas grill, and piled his plate with two hot dogs, a hamburger, and two scoops of potato salad along with a generous serving of baked beans. Roger made small talk with his children, grandchildren and invited guests en route to his favorite lawn chair. Samantha had asked Roger repeatedly to replace the worn and ugly lawn chair, but Roger wanted to keep it.

Once he had arrived at his chair, Roger announced to the crowd, "See, I can fix my own plate, and put as much food as I want on it - since no one would fix it for me. I paid for this cookout, and I couldn't get one person to just fix me a plate - not even my grandkids."

After Roger had made his speech, he sat on his lawn chair that he sometimes calls his throne and began to eat his meal. Within seconds, the chair collapsed beneath Roger as he began to fall to the lush, green lawn. The hot dogs reminded the guests of two batons twirling in mid-air, and the hamburger resembled a discus being hurled by an Olympian. The baked beans and potato salad rained on top of Roger as he lay on his freshly mowed lawn.

His family and friends tried to contain their laughter as Samantha mumbled, "What a fortunate accident."

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Sir Charles

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