Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Miracles! (Mellandra Patterson and "The Barbie's")

The lovely Mellandra Patterson was ecstatic to move into her newly renovated office building. During the past several months, Mellandra and her co-workers conducted official business in a temporary location several blocks away. They all referred to their temporary office as a "fish bowl" because the walls were made of glass, and they moved around the edifice like fish in a bowl. One could practically look down the corridor and see another person working in their office.

Mellandra secretly referred to her co-workers as the "Barbie's" because of their long blond hair, railing thin bodies and silicone enhanced breasts. While working in the "fish bowl," Mellandra became a little annoyed because the "Barbie's" would sit at their desks with the office lights turned off. One "Barbie" claimed that she didn't know how to turn on the lights.

On the first day in their new office, the "Barbie's" had miraculously learned to turn on the lights in their new "Dream House" all by themselves. There was no sitting in the dark and no waiting for someone to turn on the lights. "Small miracles!" Mellandra announced as she entered "Barbie's Dream House" for the very first time.

Later that afternoon, Mellandra decided to grab a quick bite to eat and fill up her gas tank at a convenience store several blocks away. After she had pumped a tank of regular gas into her SUV, Mellandra returned to the driver's side of her vehicle, bathed her hands with sanitizer and pulled a large banana from her tote bag. She peeled the fruit very slowly and placed the thick, long banana in her mouth. While her full lips encircled the fruit and turning the ignition switch, Mellandra turned to her left and brought into vision the most handsomest man she has ever seen. He returned Mellandra's lustful stare as he began to pump fuel into his late model sports car. Mellandra held the banana between her delightful lips as she continued her gaze.

After several seconds had passed, Mellandra thought, "I guess I should turn my head, swallow this, eat this banana or spit it out. This is so embarrassing. I wonder what he must think of me." The handsome man thought, "Damn! That girl got some mad skills!"

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