Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Need To Be Seen (The Clinic)

Jeffrey Brown whispered, "I need to be seen," to Helen Thomas, the front desk clerk. Jeffrey felt a little uneasy as he entered the Neighborhood Free Clinic, which is widely known for treating sexually transmitted infections (STI) at a low cost or on a sliding fee scale. It is also better known as "The Clinic."
"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Helen asked.
"I need to be seen," he whispered again, but slightly louder.
Studying the well-dressed man before her, Helen asked in a low voice, "What seems to be the problem?"
"I think I have a STI," Jeffrey whispered.
"Okay." Helen handed Jeffrey a clipboard with some forms to be completed and an ink pen. She continued, "Please, fill out these forms and come back to my desk so that I can register you into our system and give you a number."

Jeffrey completed the required forms and followed Helen instructions to the letter. He noticed that more people began filing into "The Clinic's" waiting room. After several minutes had passed, Jeffrey's number was called. A male nurse warmly greeted him and kindly led him to "Exam Room 9." This is the room where the staff normally treats their gonorrhea patients.

After some time had passed, the nurse and Jeffrey had emerged from the exam room. The nurse disappeared from sight while Jeffrey retrieved some rectangular shaped color leaflets from his inside jacket pocket. The leaflets contained an image of him and his wife along with some other information. He handed one to each nurse and other staff members en route to the waiting room. Each staff member studied the leaflet and silently laughed.

Later that week, Sunday morning had finally arrived. Jeffrey sat on the pulpit in his black clergy robe waiting to begin his sermon within his medium sized church. His lovely wife, Marketta, sat near the front row styling an over sized hat. Following the opening hymn, the church announcer took his rightful place behind a podium near the rostrum and asked for all visitors to stand and to introduce themselves. Eight nurses and staff members from "The Clinic" stood together in unison. They were all surprised by each others attendance.

A short, male usher handed Nurse Michelle Dickerson a microphone who was standing near the center aisle. She cleared her voice and announced, "Good Morning and praise the Lord!"
The congregation repeated, "Praise the Lord!"
 Michelle continued, "We are all from the Neighborhood Free Clinic better known as "The Clinic." And we are here this morning because the Reverend Jeffrey Brown had extended us an invitation to visit this church during his last visit with us. We also want you to know that we can treat all of your needs, and thank you for having us this morning." Michelle returned the microphone to the usher.

During that moment, Jeffrey wanted to slide out of his throne like chair and drown in the covered baptismal pool beneath him. "Passing out those flyer's about this church at "The Clinic" is by far the dumbest thing I have ever done. What was I thinking? Please, please, God....let this be a bad dream!" Jeffrey thought as the delicate and frail Marketta fainted in her seat.

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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