Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Out...Before We Get Arrested!

Sitting inside of her car in a surface parking lot with dozens of other vehicles, Janelle McQueen asked, "So, where do you want to go for lunch?" in Dennis Johnson's direction. She searched for the ignition key on her cluttered key ring and was surprised that she had left her luxury car unlocked.
"Anywhere would be fine with me," Dennis replied as he sat on the passenger's side of Janelle's late model vehicle. With a puzzled look on  his face, Dennis quickly scanned the inside of Janelle's car. Dennis finally said, "I'm glad Sam Harlow, our CEO, is on vacation this week."
Janelle tried to insert the newly found key into the ignition switch and realized that it doesn't fit. "What is wrong with this key?" she asked aloud. "Where did Mr. Harlow go on vacation?"
"Is that the right key?" asked Dennis, ignoring Janelle's last question.
In frustration, Janelle replied, "Yes, it's the key to this vehicle." She then opened her large handbag to retrieve a spare key.

"I think Mr. Harlow went to the Bahamas or somewhere like that. He got mad the other day because he had me embed the wrong YouTube link on his presentation to the board of directors."
Struggling to get the key into the ignition and becoming increasingly frustrated, Janelle asked, "Really? What was the on link, and why is he mad at you?"
"The link was from the cartoon, 'Tom and Jerry.' They were chasing each other - as usual. Mr. Harlow said that I should have asked why he was using a link from a cartoon. I told him that it wasn't my place to question my supervisor. I thought he wanted to add some humor to the presentation. It was horrible enough. He also said that the board of directors probably thinks that he is a little wacko. I didn't disagree," Dennis replied as he looked in the backseat of Janelle's car. He then looked to his left and then his right.

All of a sudden, Janelle shouted, "What is wrong with this car and these keys?! None of them work!"
"Can I ask you a question?"
Exhaling from frustration, Janelle asked, "Yes, what is it?"
"When did you and your husband, Dylan, have another baby?"
"What?! What are you talking about? she asked in a confused state. "We only have Michael, and he's a teenager," stated Janelle.
Gauging his dear friend and co-worker, Dennis replied, "Well, I noticed that there's a child safety seat in the back of this strange vehicle. And there's a car to our right that I think maybe yours with the same color and everything."
"What?!" Janelle shouted as she inspected the backseat and then the interior of the car. Janelle exclaimed, "Oh God! This isn't my car! No wonder the keys didn't work! We are in the wrong one! Get out, Dennis, before we get arrested! Get out! And don't tell anyone about this!" as she made a hasty exit.
"Okay. I won't," replied Dennis as he stumbled out of the strange car while laughing hysterically.

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!
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