Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's New Year's Eve

(Setting: the early morning hours of New Year's Eve at Wal-Mart)

I had just finished lap swimming at the local fitness facility and had decided to dress for a half-day at work. Lotions and heavy creams had failed to cure my dry hands and feet. So, after donning a black pull over sweater and slacks; I drove to the nearest Wal-Mart to purchase a jar of Vaseline. I immediately became excited when noticing that the superstore was practically void of people. "I have this whole, entire place all to myself," I said aloud.

Walking toward the health and beauty section, I scoured the aisles looking for the Vaseline products. Once I found the product, I glanced at my rough, ashy hands and decided to buy the largest jar on the shelf. I took a leisurely walk to the check out aisle with the large jar in hand and thought of stopping at Starbucks for a large cup of iced coffee before traveling on the highway to work. I needed a large dose of caffeine to keep me awake after a one-mile  swim.

As I made my way to the checkout line, there were two customers placing items on the conveyor belt. Each had long permed hair with slender, delicate bodies and bluish/green eyes (I'm certain that they were wearing contact lenses). One customer placed several feminine hygiene bottles on the conveyor belt while the other pulled money from their pocket. I thought, "All of those feminine hygiene bottles. She must be kind of funky down there." After a few seconds, one of the long hair customers turned in my direction until we were face to face. Immediately, I noticed some very subtle attributes. The other customer displayed the same features. Both customers noticed my large jar of Vaseline that I was holding at chest level. They smiled at the sight of it.

Discreetly, I lowered the jar to thigh level. As I studied the bottles moving along the conveyor belt toward the cashier, I thought, "They must be on the 'receiving end.'" Then, I said, "It looks like the two of you are going to get all "cleaned up" for New Year's Eve."
In a deep, rich baritone voice, one of the customer's replied, "Yeah, we sure are."

Until next week, keep praising HIS name!

Sir Charles

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