Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Like It Long And Skinny

Cordelia Weaver sauntered into the tastefully decorated cafe and sat next to me on a wooden bar stool. She whispered, "Hi" over the mild roar within the small establishment. I whispered, "Hey," in return. The regular patrons seemed to be following our every move.

Cordelia scanned our favorite drinking spot, and asked, "Are you going to pull yours out?"
Sipping on my favorite bourbon, I replied, "I can't pull it out in here."
Grant, the bartender, took Cordelia's order for a draft beer. She waited for him to pour her beer and return to his other customers. She then said, "If you show me yours, I'll let you see mine." Cordelia smiled at the patrons entering and leaving the cafe.
"I'm not sure that is a good idea. This is a public place," I stated.
"C'mon now. I don't have all night. I want to see what you got," Cordelia stated. She continued, "I promise to show you mine."
Taking another gulp of my drink, I caved in and said, "Okay." I reached into my slacks and retrieved what Cordelia was waiting to see."
"Oh my!" exclaimed Cordelia, as she studied my instrument.
"Now, let me see yours," I commanded.
"Okay. Move in a little closer," Cordelia requested. She showed me what I wanted to see all evening.
"Wow!" I whispered. "It's kind of long and skinny - isn't it?"
"Yes. I like it 'long and skinny.'" She paused and whispered, "Wait a minute. Here comes Grant. I'm thinking that he's eavesdropping."
After Grant had automatically placed another drink in front of me, I stated, "As you can see, mine is big and wide."
With a seductive laugh, Cordelia offered, "It sure is. But, I prefer long and skinny."
Smiling at the vision before me, I asked, "So, when are you going to upgrade that long and skinny cell flip phone? Does it still ring and receives text messages?"
"I just bought it last night. I wanted you to see it, first. And yes - it rings and receives text messages. And what about that big and wide thing that you have?"
I replied, "I love my Android. It has a big screen and wide enough to hold comfortably in my hand."
Grant decided to interrupt our conversation, and said, "I'm not even going to tell the two of you what I thought you were talking about," as we all released a hearty laugh.

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Sir Charles

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