Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Are Taking A Nap

The IT manager, Dennis Johnson, was experiencing a long and productive day at the non-profit agency. He and Janelle McQueen had enjoyed a nice, healthy salad for lunch. And now, Dennis had decided to answer some of his voice mail messages. His first message was from Marian Studebaker - a co-worker that is housed in another building. Marian's message stated that she needed some help setting up a "polygram" for tomorrow afternoon.

"Polygram?" Dennis mumbled as he dialed Marian's number. She did not answer.
"Where is she?" Dennis asked aloud as he searched for his office telephone directory. With his telephone console set to speaker, Dennis dialed every number in Marian's small office building from his telephone directory until he finally got an answer.
"Hello, this is Kim Vaughan. How may I help you?"
Relieved, Dennis asked, "Hey, Kim. This is Dennis. Where is everybody? I've dialed eight numbers before someone answered. Is everything alright over there?"
"We are taking a nap," Kim stated as a matter of fact.
Leaning toward the telephone console, Dennis asked, "What? Taking a nap? What kind of crap is that?" in a loud tone. He was unaware that Janelle and several other co-workers were listening to the conversation near his office door. "Did I hear you right?"
"Yes, you did. We are taking a nap. We are stressed. It's three o'clock, and it's our lunch time."
Flustered, Dennis added, "Kim, you could've said that everyone was in a meeting or something else - besides taking a nap." His co-workers laughed silently, but hysterically near his door.
"Well, that wouldn't have been true. How may I help you?"
Collecting his thoughts, Dennis replied, "May I speak to Marian Studebaker, please? Is she awake, yet?"
Kim replied, "Let me check for you." After several seconds had passed, she returned to her conversation with Dennis and announced, "Yes, she is awake. Please hold."

"This is Marian Studebaker."
"Marian, this is Dennis returning your call about a 'polygram'?"
Yawning, Marian said, "Yes, yes. I need help with a polygram."
Feigning ignorance, Dennis asked, "What's a polygram?"
"You know how you can look at a seminar on the television monitor..."
"That's called a polycom."
"Yes, yes. That's correct. I was stressed and getting ready for my nap when I left that message."
"You know what? I just can't friggin' believe this!" Dennis announced.

Until next week...keep praising His name!
Sir Charles

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