Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not If I Kill You, First

Show Me the Money: The Economic Realities of SpamAfter a long day at work, Roger Brewer had entered his spacious home. His wife, Samantha, had arrived an hour earlier and was waiting for him with tonight's dinner. Roger sat on the sofa, placed a large bag on the coffee table and removed his shoes. He waited for Samantha to join him.

"You know - I'll be sixty-one years old in a few weeks," Roger announced. He leaned back on the sofa.
Finally, taking a seat next to her husband, Samantha replied, "Yes, I know."
"My car will be all paid for -  and then I can die," Roger said.
"Not if I kill you, first," Samantha thought. She then added, "Why would you say something like that? Are you not feeling well?"
"I feel okay."
Samantha stated, "You should be feeling good with all that Viagra you've been taking. Standing at attention all of the time."
"I'm not taking it like I used to. I sell the seven pills I get from the pharmacy to my friends for fifteen dollars."
"Okay. So, fifteen dollars per pill times seven pills equals one-hundred and five dollars. That doesn't make you happy?"
"Well, let's go on a cruise. That should lift your spirits," offered Samantha as she sniffed the contents from the bag that Roger had brought home. She decided to look for her change on the coffee table.
"No. I get seasick and dizzy, and I might fall overboard," replied Roger.
"Not if I push you overboard, first," Samantha thought. "Where is my change?" Samantha finally asked. "I loaned you forty-dollars for dinner this morning."
Smiling at his lovely wife, Roger said, "I love you."
"Love? You got some of my money in your pocket and now you're in love?" asked Samantha.
Leaning to kiss his wife, Roger replied, "Yes, I love you."
"Where is my change? No romance without finance," Samantha stated as a matter-of-fact.

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Sir Charles

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