Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some Random Christmas Stuff

Well, I'm writing this blog post on Christmas Day; and I have nothing funny to post as I watch some holiday programs on the television. Daddy, my cousin, Yvonne - always known as "Pig", and Jazz Marie (the dog) are all dead. My turkey fryer refused to ignite, and the vat leaked all of the peanut oil (that oil is expensive, too). So, I had to cook my Christmas turkey the old-fashioned way - in the oven. Actually, I prepared it as though I was going to fry it. And surprisingly, the bird came out moist, juicy and succulent (see photo).

My sister was pleasantly surprised that I gave her a navy-blue sweater for Christmas. She has been asking for one since the 1990's. However, I couldn't find a really nice looking one until last week at J.C. Penney- the Liz Claiborne Collection. Now, all of her dreams have come true - thanks to me. Minutes later after the gift exchange with Mom, my sister and niece, I decided that it was time for some holiday cheer. After some minor convincing, my niece decided to join me in a drink or two. Here's the conversation:

Me: Do you want to have a Christmas drink with me?
Niece: It's not 12 noon, yet. Do you have anything that won't burn my esophagus?
Me: I got water.
Niece: *blank stare*

She indulged in two glasses of "Pinnacle Vodka - Cherry Flavor" with Coca-Cola as a chaser. "It tastes just like a Cherry Coke," she announced. My lovely niece texted me a few hours later and stated that she had to "take to the bed" because she had too much to drink.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve after doing some last minute shopping, I stopped in the liquor store to purchase my usual bottle of Jim Beam bourbon. My buddy, Mike, gave me a bottle for Christmas; but I wanted a back up bottle - just in case. As I perused the aisles, I came across a "Jim Beam Black" display. Since it's Christmastime, I decided to treat myself to something different. I was expecting a ho-hum taste; however, the aged liquor is delightfully dark and smooth without the need for a chaser. It is very flavorful, rich and mature. It will definitely become a valued member of my liquor cabinet.

I did feel a little guilty about buying the bottle of liquor. While sitting in church on the Sunday before Christmas and listening to my pastor concluded his powerful sermon, he announced in his most dynamic voice, "Only Jesus can bring you joy! Not Jack Daniel's! Only Jesus can bring you joy! Not Jim Beam!" Only Jesus can bring you joy!" Joy! Joy! Joooooooooyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!"

So, I'm sitting in my pew with my jaw resting on my chest thinking, "Oh God! Who told him that I like Jim Beam? He must be reading my Facebook posts." I silently prayed, with my best poker face, that none of my fellow church members were looking at me during the climax of the spirit-filled sermon. A few of them may know that I enjoy the taste of bourbon.

And finally...Happy New Year!!!!!

Until next week...keep praising His name!
Sir Charles

"Reading your blogs are really like a box of NEVER know what you're gonna get." ~ a regular blog reader

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