Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stuffing and Licking

Jake Montgomery studied Davina Johnson who was positioned immediately next to him. Jake thought that she was a great looking woman. He wanted to do something different during their encounter and hoped that Davina would happily obliged. Jake knew that he had to do a lot of convincing to get the newly single woman to go along with his request.

"C'mon and lick it," Jake said toward Davina. He gauged her expression.
"I don't do that," Davina replied.
Jake offered, "If you lick it, I will stuff it. Is that a deal?"
"No, because I don't lick, and I never have. It would be much better if you would do the licking," said Davina.
After a few moments, Jake replied, "I'm much better at stuffing than licking. Besides, I've never experience you licking before."
"All of that licking will make my tongue feel tired, Jake. Sometimes, it's just gross. Can't we bring in a third person?"
"No one wants to join us. Just drink some water in between licks. I really need for you to lick it. Please?"
Davina replied, "No. And you're not that great at stuffing it. You have missed the opening on quite a few occasions."
"I know. I got excited and carried away the last time. I wanted to hurry up. But, I got it all in," Jake replied with his best smile.
"You sure did, and you tried to put too much in it the last time," Davina offered. She paused for a few moments and then offered, "Okay. I'll lick this one time; if it will make you feel better - so, we can get this session over with. But, the next time you will do all of the licking."
Jake happily replied, "That sounds perfect." Reaching for a box on the table, Jake continued, "Here's some  envelopes. We have to get these letters to the mailbox before 4:00 p.m. Maybe, I can buy us a sponge to use for sealing envelopes - the next time."
"Finally, you get a clue," offered Davina.

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Sir Charles

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