Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Want My Order On Time

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Browsing through a fundraising catalog for Christmas wrapping paper and other holiday treats and trinkets, Janelle McQueen had checked off a few items that piqued her interest. Earlier in the day, Dolores Banks had dropped the catalog by Janelle's office and mentioned that the proceeds will be used to raise money for her daughter's private school. Janelle had already finished shopping for her husband, Dylan and their son Michael. However, she wanted to purchase a few more small gifts for family members, neighbors and co-workers. "Well, I can't buy everything in this catalog, because I'm trying to save some money. I work for a non-profit organization. But, everything looks so nice," Janelle mumbled to herself.  After a few moments, Janelle formed her lovely face into a smile as she remembered a previous encounter with Dolores.

Later that afternoon, Janelle sat in her office chatting with Dennis Johnson, the information technology manager. They were discussing Sam Harlow - the CEO. With the speed of light, Dolores rushed into the tastefully decorated office. She had a few questions.

"Excuse me for interrupting, but have you made your selection or should I say selections?" asked Dolores.
"Well, I most certainly did," replied Janelle.
"What are you getting?" Dolores asked with glee. She continued, "Dennis, would you like to order some things for my daughter's fundraiser?"
Interrupting their conversation and pointing to her selected items, Janelle replied, "Let me have five rolls of the Santa Claus wrapping paper and ten rolls of the reindeer wrapping paper. I want four cans of the salted peanuts for some of my husband's poker buddies. Dylan loves them, too. I want two large cans of the butter cookies for my-laws. I want eight vanilla scented candles. Add to my order seven boxes of candy for my neighbors. I think that will be all. Oh, get me this collector's item racing car for my son, Michael."
"Oh! Wow! Let me add this up!" Dolores announced while Dennis looked completely dumbfounded by Janelle's large order. Dolores continued, "Your order comes to three-hundred and fifty dollars and thirty-two cents. How would you like to pay for this?"
"Okay, that's fine. Now, use that money that you borrowed from me this past March to pay for my order," Janelle offered.
"Did I stutter? You owe me three-hundred and fifty bucks because the city had towed and impounded your car on that rainy March afternoon. And I want my order on time, too. I have to wrap all that stuff I just ordered," replied Janelle as Dennis laughed silently, but hysterically in his seat.
"Oh, okay," Dolores mumbled.
"Thank you."
"Yeah, whatever," she solemnly replied. Dolores eased out of Janelle McQueen's office with Dennis still laughing uncontrollably.

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Sir Charles

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