Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Terror in the Night - A Halloween Story

My two-level brick home was dark, quiet and still. The outdoors was void of sound except for a passing vehicle. I slept in my queen-sized bed while Jazz and Kibby kept their nightly vigil in the darkness of the room. I was enjoying a blissful night of sleep until I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. Jazz and Kibby were resting at the foot of the bed; so it was not one of the canines drinking water or eating a morsel of food. Feeling sleep overcome me once again, I decided to ignore the sound.

Some time later, I heard the noise again. The dogs were perfectly still and asleep on the bed. However, in addition to the noise drifting from the kitchen; I began to hear footsteps walking across the floor. The house seemed to settle and crack with each step. "Why aren't the dogs barking? Is someone in the house?" I asked myself. Remaining perfectly still in the bed, my heart began to increase its rhythm as my breathing became harder. "If I can just move, I can jump the intruder," I thought. But, I couldn't move. It seemed like I had been drugged. "Did Jazz and Kibby slip something in my bourbon that has left me completely paralyzed?" I had wondered.

The footsteps moved closer and closer to my bedroom. My heart was beating furiously. "Bark! Jazz and Kibby! Bark! Then, I can move!" I screamed within my mind - all to no avail. The footsteps paused at my bedroom door. "Why isn't the burglar alarm working? Who is this that has invaded my home?" I screamed in my head. Slowly and gingerly the footsteps moved closer to my bed. There were no sounds from the dogs. They were completely oblivious to my terror in the night. "Is this a dream? Is this some sort of ghost that has entered my home? Why can't I move? If only I can move. God! Please!" I thought.

The footsteps paused for moment. Then, the intruder sat on the bed. "Oh, God! I can't move! Jazz and Kibby are refusing to bark! The alarm has failed to work! Somebody help me!" I thought. Suddenly, the intruder placed his arms around me as I slowly opened my eyes.

The intruder that had entered my home was the ghostly image of my late father. I exhaled and woke up to the morning light...

In the meantime, until next week - keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

"I have to pray before I read your blog postings." ~ A regular blog reader.

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