Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"Michael!" Janelle McQueen yelled from the master bedroom. "Have you seen my sunglasses?"
Watching his father pull out of the driveway from the kitchen window, the teenager replied, "No, ma'am."
"I need for you to help me find them, Michael! I have two very, very important meetings today! And you know the morning sun darn near blinds me!" Janelle continued from the bedroom.
"Okay!" Michael shouted in return. He poured a bowl of corn flakes and sat comfortably at the kitchen table. The teenager began to enjoy his cereal.

Moments later, Janelle appeared in the kitchen. She studied her son and said, "I thought you were going to help me find my sunglasses. And here you are eating corn flakes. Really, Michael. Now, help me look for them."
Studying his lovely forty-eight-year-old mother, Michael asked, "You're kidding, right?"
"Do I look like I'm kidding to you?" asked Janelle with her hands on her hips.
"But Mom...."
"'But Mom' nothing, Michael! I'm stressed over these meetings today, and I need my sunglasses! Is that to much to ask..."
"But Mom...."
"Michael! I don't have all day. Help me or your father and I will put you on punishment! I mean it!" Janelle announced.
"Okay. I understand. I will help you," Michael replied with a grin.
"Why in the hell are you smiling?"
"Ummmm...what's that on your face?"
Exhaling and feeling her face, Janelle replied, "Oh my stars! I'm already wearing my sunglasses!"
"That's what I was trying to tell you," Michael said.
"You're such good son," offered Janelle.
"I know right."

In the meantime, until next week - keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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