Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Behind Every Dark Cloud - A Sneak Peek

Coming Soon:
Behind Every Dark Cloud
The Critically Acclaimed Novel
The Second Edition

DRESSED IN A pair of tattered khaki pants and a dark
well-worn sweatshirt, Troy Parham slithered up the stairs within
the 7th Street parking deck on a cloudy night. This was the second parking
deck that Troy had visited within the past week. He noticed a few beer
cans and soda cups during his flight. Troy angrily kicked one the beer cans
out of his way and opened the heavy door leading to the second level. He
scanned the deck which was littered with cars, SUV’s and motorcycles.
He walked around the parking deck as though he were the proud
owner. Troy peeped inside of cars and SUV’s and touched a few of the
motorcycles—constantly looking over his shoulder. Nothing sparked his
interest on this level. So, he jumped over a railing in the center of the deck
until he landed on the spiral exit ramp. Troy ran as fast as he could up the
ramp until he reached the third level.
Catching his breath, Troy heard the elevator signal that it was releasing
or admitting a passenger. He quickly hid next to a pick-up truck. Once the
elevator door had closed and realizing that the deck was still void of human
life; he eased out of hiding and surveyed his surroundings.
Walking around the parking lot, a shiny, black vehicle caught his
attention. Troy peeped inside the driver’s side window and figured that it
belonged to a female. He decided to hide until it was time.
In the meantime, until next week - keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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