Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Hard Pulling This Thing Down...

Henrietta Barker, short in height with large hips and a rear end to match, shuffled into the office building carrying a large amount of items in a tote bag. No one is exactly sure what Henrietta hauls to work each day in her well-used tote bag. Once she arrived at her office door, she recited her normal mantra as she searched for her key on the cluttered and heavy key ring.

"I'm so tired. I can't wait until I retire."
Michael Jones asked as he walked down the corridor, "How much longer do you have?"
Henrietta replied, "Two more years. And it can't get here fast enough," entering her junky office.

After she had entered her office and dropped her tote bag on the floor, Henrietta shuffled to the break room for her normal cup of coffee with plenty of cream and sugar. Some of Henrietta's co-workers always mention that her coffee looks more like a vanilla milkshake. Returning to her office, Henrietta silently complained that her husband was not paying her enough attention and that she needed some serious love and affection.

During the next couple of hours, Henrietta responded to emails and completed some over due paperwork. She then had a thought. "I'll go to the ladies room and do what I need to do," she mumbled. No one had noticed Henrietta going the ladies room. She entered the stall, closed the door and turned the latch to further secure herself within the enclosure.

Inside the stall, Henrietta moaned, "Mmmmmm......Ahhhhhh.....Damn!" again and again followed by heavy breathing. .

A few seconds later, Denise Preen eased into the ladies room, entered the adjoining stalled, closed and secured the door. She took her position on the commode. Denise heard some clear, audible sounds with heavy breathing from the next cubicle.

"Ahhhhhhh....Mmmmmmm.....Oh my.....Mmmmmm," Henrietta chanted.

Denise leaned from the commode to see what was happening in the next stall. She narrowed her eyes and continued to listen to the moans, groans and heavy breathing wafting from the stall. Denise wondered if someone was having sex in the ladies room. However, she noticed only one pair of shoes. Denise had surmised that one of her co-workers was masturbating. Finally noticing the shoes because she had seen them on more than one occasion, Denise had a question.

"Henrietta Barker? Is that you?"
"Mmmmm....Ahhhhh.....Damn...Yes, it's me. What do you want? I'm busy. Mmmmmm...."
"What in the world are you doing over there? Masturbating?" Denise asked from her restroom stall.
Henrietta replied, "No, I'm trying to pull down my girdle so I can pee. It's hard pulling this thing down over my hips," as Denise broke into a laugh that echoed throughout the entire office from her restroom stall.

Until next week, Keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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