Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're Having A Heat Wave! (Season Finale)

I guess it is no surprise that most of the United States has been under a heat wave. During the hot, humid and sticky weather; I thought about elementary school and spending some summer days at my grandparents house. Back in those days, the school buildings were not air-conditioned nor were my grandparent's home. The classrooms had high ceilings, large lights that hung from the ceiling that generated massive amounts of heat and thick shades adorned the windows.

One particular humid day in early June after lunch and recess; Mrs. Woodard instructed her fourth grade class to have a seat. We all obeyed her command. She turned off the lights and walked to each window to pull down the heavy shades. Mrs. Woodward further commanded that we make paper fans to cool ourselves and to remain quite for the rest of the day. Her thinking was that if we talked too much that it will increase the room temperature - making it that much hotter. Some of us asked for permission to place a cold, wet paper towel on our forehead to which she obliged.

So, there we were; a bunch of fourth graders sitting in a semi-dark room; fanning with homemade paper fans and holding a cold compress on our heads. Those were the good old days. After leaving school, I made my normal trip to Mother Gertrude and Papa's hot house. Actually, it felt like a sauna. I didn't say anything back then because I was only nine-years old and wasn't paying any bills. Mother Gertrude had the draperies drawn to block out the noon day sun; and Papa had turned on a large, green electric fan and placed it in the middle of the family room. Well, the fan was just circulating hot air - that was it. But, it still feels like the good old days.

Just last week, while sitting at my desk at work and listening to my co-workers complain about the oppressive heat; I thought I felt the building shake.
"It's another earthquake!" Denny Crown announced.
"Where are my keys, straw hat and cell phone?" I thought to myself.
Finding my belongings while Denny Crown looked out the window to see what was going on; my immediate thought was to take shelter underneath my desk.
"I think the earthquake is over, Charles," Denny offered.
"Thank goodness. A heat wave - now an earthquake," I said.

Minutes later while waiting for my print job to complete in the copy room, Yolanda Scruggs arrived. She looked at me with a few thoughts in her eyes.

"What's going on, Yolanda?"
"I was on the phone a few minutes ago," she answered.
"Well, I was standing up when the phone rang; then I decided to sit down," replied Yolanda.
"The chair rolled away from me as I was sitting down....don't laugh, Charles."
"What happened?"
"I fell on the floor."
Holding back a laugh, I said, "You know what?"
"I felt the building shake a few minutes ago. I had grabbed my straw hat, keys and cell phone and started to hide underneath my desk. I thought we were having an earthquake. That was you?"
"With every fiber of my being; I hate you...."


Thursday, July 26th will mark one-year of blog writing with well over 11,000 pageviews. I want to thank each of you for reading, smiling and sharing my postings. I am going to take a short hiatus and will return on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. In the meantime, I will repost two of the most popular blog postings over the next couple of Wednesdays.

Keep praising HIS name. Peace and Blessings Always!
Sir Charles

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