Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth of July (The Fire Is Going To Fall On My Head)

(Year: Circa 1970's)

"Auuuuugggghhhh!" I screamed at the stop of my lungs while sitting on Daddy's shoulders. "Put me on the ground."
"Boy, what's wrong with you?" Daddy asked as we stood outdoors. He then consented to my request.
"Make it stop, Daddy!  It's going to fall on me!" I responded as I grabbed his leg with both arms.
"It can't hurt you," Daddy had reassured.
"Auuuuuugggghhhh!" I screamed again. "All this noise! And the explosions! The fire is going to fall on my head!"
Trying to hold back a smile, Daddy replied, "No, it's not. It's not fire. You don't like this?
"Hell no!" I thought. I continued, "I said, it's going to fall on my head and burn me up. Mom is going to be real, real mad at you, if that happens."

Seconds later, we heard several explosions in rapid succession. I screamed once more; held onto Daddy's leg for dear life and may have even fainted. I recited the Lord's Prayer while believing that the entire world was coming to a dramatic and explosive end.

Disappointed, Daddy asked, "Well, are you ready to go home?"
"Hell yeah!" was my desired reply. Instead, I replied, "Yes."

Fast forward years later:

My lovely and playful five-year-old niece, Noir asked, "Guess where I've been?" as she sat next to me on the sofa.
"I give up. Where?" I asked while channel surfing on the television set.
"To see the fireworks on the military base for the Fourth of July. Oh, and Granddaddy is fixing me a sandwich, too," Noir replied all at once.
"The two of you went to see the fireworks? What kind of sandwich?" I asked with a touch of disappointment in my voice.
"Yes, we went to see the fireworks. It was fun, too. Grandaddy is making me a sardine sandwich. Want one?"
"Why wasn't I invited to see the fireworks? And, hell no to the sandwich idea. It's just nasty," I responded.
Releasing a laugh, Noir replied, "Granddaddy said that you are scared of the fireworks. He took you to see them a long time ago, and you screamed and held onto his leg the entire time. Did you faint for real?"
"He wasn't suppose to tell you that. I was five or six - maybe seven when Daddy took me to see the fireworks. No, I did not faint. And, what is Grandaddy putting in the sardine sandwich?" I replied mixing the truth with some lies.
"How old are you, now?" asked Noir.
"I'm seventeen," I replied. "What's the recipe?"
After some thought, Noir replied, "Well, if you play Candy Land or Uno with me. I'll tell you what's in the sardine sandwich. He's in the kitchen fixing it, right now."
Sighing, I answered, "You always cheat at board games and cards; but okay. Brush your teeth after you eat that sandwich. I can only imagine what your Granddaddy put in it. And your whole head may explode like the Fourth of July fireworks after you eat it, too."

If you have a fondness for sardines and/or find them delicious (for some strange reason); leave me a nice comment (more than two would be amazing), and I will share Daddy's sardine sandwich recipe on next week.

Happy Independence Day!
Until next week....Keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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  1. I don't love sardines; I loved my mother. I curiously watched her eat sardines with glee!To this day I am nice/nasty about meat. I eat seafood, but please don't serve me a fish with its head intact. With trepidation, I said 'yes thank you' when she offered me some of her sardines. I really couldn't get excited about seeing the spine of this creature let alone it getting into my mouth. I also rationalized that mommy was still living so it was ok, but this was the same woman who put a pigs foot on my plate as a part of dinner!I survived the sardine(I flat out refused the pigs missing foot).I haven't eaten a sardine since my mother's passing. Thanks CharlesC for helping me to recall a fond memory! Ayo