Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey Johnny! (The Crazy Teenager)

You may have already heard a variation of the following story. When I heard this tale, it really made me smile. I hope you enjoy it.

One Saturday morning, Johnny left his two-story brick home and traveled down the road. Johnny's mother had gone to grocery store and his father was earning some extra money at his part-time job. As usual, Johnny walked by Mr. Glover's house on the right hand side of the newly paved road. Mr. Glover, widowed, had just retired from his job as a factory worker and thought that he would enjoy retirement for just a little while longer until he could find a "fun" job to fill his week days.

"Hey, Johnny!" Mr. Glover shouted from his front porch.
"Hey, Mr. Glover!" Johnny shouted in return.
Noticing something in Johnny's arm, Mr. Glover asked, "What do you have in your arms?"
"Chicken wire," replied Johnny.
"What are you going to do with chicken wire?" asked Mr. Glover.
Johnny said, "I'm going down the road to get some chickens at the bottom of the hill. Do you want to come along and help me catch some?"
"No, thank you," Mr. Glover replied. After a few moments, he mumbled softly, "Crazy teenager."

Sometime later, Johnny returned home passing Mr. Glover's house. Looking out his front window, Mr. Glover noticed that Johnny had an armful of chickens wrapped in chicken wire. "Well, I'll be darned. He caught some chickens with that chicken wire," he said to himself. The following weekend, Johnny made his normal trip. Mr. Glover was busily watering his flowers in the front yard. He had a question for Johnny.

"Hey, Johnny! What do you have in your hand this week?"
"Duct tape," Johnny replied.
"Duct tape? For what?" asked Mr. Glover as he turned off the water hose.
"I'm going to catch some ducks at the bottom of the hill near the lake. Do you wanna come along and help me catch some?" asked Johnny.
Once again, Mr. Glover replied, "No, thank you" and softly mumbled, "Crazy teenager."

Mr. Glover returned inside his house, took a nap and ate a light lunch. He then realized that it was time to check the mailbox. Opening his front door, Mr. Glover found Johnny walking by his house with two ducks in his arms. "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. That boy has caught two ducks with that duct tape. I just can't believe it," he said aloud.

Now, excited about Johnny's upcoming adventure for the third week in a row; Mr. Glover saw something unusual in Johnny's hand. He stopped the sweeping of his front porch and stared at the item with a puzzled look on his face.

"Hey, Johnny! What's that you're carrying? I don't think I've ever seen that before," he asked.
"Hey, Mr. Glover. It's called a 'Pussy Willow,' and...."
Interrupting Johnny's statement, Mr. Glover boldly announced, "I'm going with you this time!"

Until next week...keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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