Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Too Big! (Big Daddy Denny Crown)

Scarlette screamed as loud as she could, "It's too big! It's gonna hurt when you stick it in!" She was screaming so loud that Denny Crown couldn't quite understand what Scarlette was saying. It was a cacophony inside the medium sized room. Denny was focused on giving Scarlette exactly what she needed and had hoped that she wasn't disturbing the entire building or neighborhood. Besides, he has a reputation to maintain.

Denny, a little over six feet tall with an imposing body build, walked toward a cabinet to retrieve a tool. Scarlette continued to scream, "Please don't hurt me, Mister! I know it's gonna be too big for me! I've never had anything real big before! Oh God, please help me!"

Still thinking that Scarlette was incoherent, Denny showed her his "apparatus". He said in his most reassuring voice, "This is what I'm going to use on you. It's not that big."
"Oh no! I can't take that!" exclaimed Scarlette. Her feet dangled from a table. "I'm gonna die!"
Denny offered, "No, you are not going to die. You will be just fine. I'll be as gentle as I can."
"Oh please, Mister! That's way too big for me!" Scarlette continued to shout. She said, "I'm a virgin when it comes to this," in hopes that Denny would take it easy on her.
Ignoring Scarlette's last statement, Denny said, "You know what? I have to go get something. Don't move."
"Wait! Can I take it in my mouth instead?" asked Scarlette.
"No, you can't put this in your mouth. I don't even think you can," Denny replied as he left the room.

Denny opened the door and stepped into the hallway. He found some ladies laughing at  him near an oval shaped workstation. After smiling at the laughing ladies, Denny had a thought.

"All I did was pull it out and showed it to her, and she just went crazy. I haven't even stuck it in yet," he said as a matter of fact. The registered nurses laughed even harder at Denny. His co-workers explained that they had heard what Scarlette was shouting from the exam room and then informed Denny at how his and Scarlette's conversation could have been interpreted. Once he reflected on the conversation; Denny laughed along with his co-workers, retrieved a pair of non-latex gloves and returned to the exam room.

Once he entered the room and closed the door behind him, Denny asked, "Are you ready for your bacillin shot? I've already showed  you the needle. It won't hurt too much. I promise."
"Yes, it will!" Scarlette exclaimed once again.
"So, you are afraid of needles, huh?" asked Denny as he prepared the needle for entry.
"Yes, with a passion! Oh, that's too big!" Scarlette said toward Denny and the needle.
"It's not that large, and it'll be over before you know it," offered Denny.

When Denny began the injection, Scarlette screamed like a wild banshee - as though she was having a weird orgasm of some sort - much to the amusement of Denny's co-workers at the workstation. After Denny had administered the shot, he informed Scarlette, "Next time you come in here, I'm going to let another nurse see you. You just gave me a headache." Denny returned to his workstation as his fellow registered nurses chanted, "Big Daddy Denny Crown!"

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In The Black

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  1. Excellent! I remember fondly many double entendre conversations overheard in the clinical setting and trying in vain not to giggle or snort.

  2. Thank you very much. I died laughing when I heard this story.

  3. I had to share this one on BigWalkTV facebook & Twitter!