Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bitter Betty

A banquet that promised to bring an evening of class and elegance was well under way. Dressed to the nines, dignitaries and invited guests made their entrance into the hotel's grand ballroom. Kathy Jones sat alone at a large table that would seat ten people, comfortably. She sported thick, dark, shoulder length hair and wore a jacket and a tight-fitting skirt. Kathy's jacket could barely contain her large breasts, and her skirt could barely envelope her full hips and rear end. Every few seconds, Kathy had to pull her lapels together to cover herself. She crossed her legs at the ankles to keep her skirt from "riding up."

Moments later, Kathy heard an applause and looked toward the doors leading into the ballroom. "Ugh!" she said. Delana Crawford and her banker husband, Irving, had finally made their appearance. The Crawford's posed for the paparazzi and sauntered to Kathy's table. Delana stands at 5'7 with a slender body build and wears her hair short and honey blond. By the time the Crawford's had made it to the table, I and few other associates were already seated and making small talk. Kathy and Delana had worked on a few commissions and committees together and apparently like to take "stabs" at each other whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

"Kathy! Sweetheart! You must be here all alone," Delana offered as she took her seat three chairs away from me.
"Yes, I am. And what's it to you?" asked Kathy as she pulled her lapels closer together. Discreetly, Kathy tried to keep her ample breasts from resting on the table.
"Nothing dear. I was just stating the obvious," Delana retorted as she waved to nearby guests. She then introduced herself and her husband to those seated at the table.
After several minutes and conversations had passed, Kathy asked no one in particular, "I wonder what they are serving for dinner?"
"Girl, if I were you I would just stick with the salad and no dressing," offered  Delana.
"With your bony ass, you need to eat every meal at this table," Kathy retorted with a smile.
"Let's not be a 'Bitter Betty'," Delana said toward Kathy.
"Ladies, let's play nice," Irving offered.

Following the introduction of the head table and the honorees as well as the purpose of the evening; dinner was finally served. We all began to eat the cornish hens, rice, string beans and carrot cake for dessert. During our meal, Kathy noticed something unusual.

"Is this table lopsided?" Kathy asked.
"Yes, it is," Irving replied, as we all began to notice the malfunction.
Delana chimed in and said, "Why, it sure is," as she surveyed the table.
"Maybe you should wedge yourself underneath the table leg to level it out; you're skinny enough," offered Kathy.
"Well, perhaps if you get your big titties off of the table, Kathy; it wouldn't be lopsided," Delana said as everyone broke into laughter. She made vain attempts to level the table with her well-manicured hands.
 "At least I got some titties - you flat chested...." Kathy said as she decided to end her statement.
"I just may be small chested; but, I don't want any titties that's going to make a whole table tilt over," Delana said with her best smile of the evening.

And just when we thought the night could not get any better than this entertainment, one of the honorees....( I have to save the rest for another blog post. I am running out of space. Consider this your cliffhanger. LOL.)

Until next week...keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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