Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Green Berets

Last March, I drove to Starbucks for my usual order of a venti iced coffee - six pump caramel. Driving into entrance of the shopping center, I found three young girls holding signs that read, "Girl Scout Cookies for Sale!" They shouted at all of the passing vehicles to purchase some cookies on the busy four lane road. I turned into the tiny parking area and found a "sea of green" in a tiny lot next to the parking spaces. I sat in my truck for a few moments as my heart increased its rhythm. Beads of sweat formed on my smooth head and knots developed in my stomach. The green berets, as I call them, had set up several tables and loaded each with mile high boxes girl scout cookies. As customers entered and exited the coffee shop, the scouts shouted, "Hey! Wanna buy some cookies?!" at the top of their lungs.

Now, I had already purchased a couple of boxes from the scouts at church and bought and donated a few boxes from my co-workers. So, I thought that I had made my contribution for the year. However, I still sat in my truck somewhat terrified of the green berets; yet, impressed by their strong sense of entrepreneurship. "They may grow up to be CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, chief fundraisers for non-profit organizations, corporate executives or even college presidents," I thought aloud. Realizing that I could not sit in my truck all day and in desperate need of caffeine (because my head was aching from caffeine withdrawl); I held my breath and made a mad dash to the front door. En route, I was constantly pelted with, "Hey! Hey! Mister! Wanna buy some cookies?!" from across the lot. They made it seem like I was committing some sort of high crime and misdemeanor for not purchasing another box of girl scout cookies. The guilt was almost overwhelming. Well, not really.

The trip from my truck to the inside of Starbucks seemed like an eternity. After I had placed my order with the barista, I decided to stay inside and drink my coffee and read the newspaper for a while. I had figured that once I was done, the lovely young ladies would have packed up and vacated the shopping center for the day. No such luck. By this time, the green berets had the building surrounded - wearing dark sunglasses, berets and armed with boxes of cookies like they were holding machine guns. "Dear Jesus, please get me to my truck safely. Amen," I had prayed. Taking a deep breath and not wanting to be noticed by the scouts, I opened the glass door and did four quick cartwheels and two back flips with lightning speed - just like the ninja warriors in the movies. Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. Actually, I sprinted to the truck, hopped in, and flew out of the tiny parking lot. So, during the next two weekends, I found myself sneaking around  and dodging the green berets at Starbucks and Target like a stealth cat. I could not wait for the month of March to be over.

Fast forward to this March, it was my turn to read the Sunday announcements at church. When I had arrived at my place of worship, dressed in my best suit and tie, I picked up a bulletin and realized that another name was listed next to the church announcements. The front of the bulletin read, "Girl Scouts Sunday." I marched toward the pastor's study, called his name from the corridor (as I normally do) and tapped on his door.

"Come in," the pastor requested.
Entering his study, I asked, "So, I don't have to read the church announcements, today?"
"That's correct. It's "Girl Scouts Sunday", and they will be taking care of the church announcements," the pastor replied.
"Well, I wish I had known it was Girl Scouts Sunday; because, I would've worshipped at Bedside Baptist with the Reverend Samson Knight (like Samsonite - the mattress)."
The pastor replied, "See, that's why I didn't tell you. The girl scouts gave you a Sunday off from reading the announcements."
I thought, "Yes, indeed. They are some wonderful young ladies. I guess they are making up for harassing me in the Starbucks parking lot, last year."

Until next week...keep praising His name!
Sir Charles

P.S. Since I have received about four comments from my last post ( I was hoping for way more), "We All Have To Suffer," Mother Gertrude's pound cake recipe has been posted and published under, "Mother Gertrude's Pound Cake Recipe." It's really is very good. Of course, I couldn't find her recipe for Lemon Supreme Cake.

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