Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Say Again?"

Roger and Samantha Brewer were traveling home under dark skies following their visit to the car dealership (Read: My Car Don't Understand...). Samantha kept one eye on the sky and the other on the road ahead of her - just in case. Roger, approaching a red traffic light, applied brakes and waited for a moment. He noticed several traffic lights straight ahead at each block. The traffic light turned green and Roger proceeded through the intersection. Samantha gasped.

"What's wrong wit you?" asked Roger.
"The light was red, Roger," Samantha replied.
"No, it wasn't."
"Yes, it was."
"No, the dang light was green," said Roger.
"The light at the next block was green. Your light was still red. I'm glad that there were no oncoming cars..."
Interrupting his wife's statement, Roger asked, "Do you always have to talk so proper?"
"Yes. Are you going color blind or having problems with depth perception? Because, this is the third time this week that you have gone through a red light."
"Heck, Naw!"
 Samantha said, "It must be the effects of that Cialis you are taking."
"Say again?" said Roger, struggling to hear his wife.
"Nothing," Samantha replied in a huff.

Later that night while watching television with the volume turned all the way up in their family room, a weather alert crawled across the bottom of the screen. Squinting to read the message, Roger had an important question.

"What does that say going across the screen?"
Speaking above the loud television, Samantha said all at once, "'A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 11 p.m. tonight'. What is wrong with you? You can't read the message crawling across the screen and you're color blind, too? You ran a red light several times this week. And turn that television down. I can barely hear myself think."
"I can read and I ain't color blind, either. You are wearing a red sweater," said Roger.
"Wrong! It's brown!" Samantha said, loudly.
"Say again?" asked Roger.
Increasing her vocal tone, Samantha said, "My sweater is brown, not red!"
"Oh." Changing the subject, Roger asked, "I took some Cialis. Wanna make out?"
"No. I don't want to do that, now. Besides, you're blind and deaf. I heard that your symptoms may be some of the side effects of male enhancement drugs," Samantha thought to herself. She then replied, "Okay. I'm going to get ready."

Now, standing in the master bathroom dressed in her best lingerie and perfume with a feather boa wrapped around her neck, Samantha made her grand entrance to the master bedroom. She found Roger on his back, fast asleep, and snoring with a sizable tent near his groin area.

Sighing, Samantha said, "I just give up. He's dead asleep and still erect. I wonder when he dies if Cialis will keep him hard while lying in the casket. We may not able to close it. Oh, well. I'm going to bed."

Until next week...Keep praising His name!
Sir Charles

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