Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"It's Cold In Here!"

"Brrrrr!!!" Calvin exclaimed underneath the electric blanket. "It's cold in here! I think I can see my breath. Maybe, I need to put on a hat and gloves just to go to bed."
"It's comfortable to me," his wife, Liv, retorted. She continued, "Why don't you turn up your side of the blanket."
"I have it turned to six. Want me to turn up your side so that the bed can be evenly warmed?" asked Calvin.
"Heck no! It's going to make me sweat all night," Liv replied.

Finally drifting into a deep sleep, Liv was later awaken by the sounds of her husband walking through the house. Intuitively, Liv knew that Calvin was studying the thermostat in the hallway. Liv had paid $800.00 this month for the oil man to refill the tank. She really didn't want to shell out another $800.00 next month for oil. So, she decided to go into conservation mode. Liv had tried to ignore her husband walking around the house, but Calvin returned to the bed and gently shook his wife.

"It's still cold in here," Calvin offered. "I didn't take my eyeglasses to read the thermostat. What do you have it set on?"
Pulling the covers around her neck with her back toward Calvin, Liv replied, "Right now, it's set to 'Don't order any more oil for a while,' which is 66 degrees. Now, you can set the thermostat to 'Let's order more oil for $800.00', which would be 72 degrees. Take your pick."

Exhaling, Calvin slid between the covers and turned his side of the electric blanket up another notch. Liv smiled to herself and fell into a deep slumber.

Until next week...Keep praising His name!
Sir Charles
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