Monday, December 26, 2011

A Kindle Fire and Other Gifts

A few weeks ago, my sister, Mrs. Dyson, informed me that she had bought my niece, Noir, a Kindle Fire for her birthday. Amazed and excited, I said, "Oh! I was thinking about buying one for myself! I've heard they are really nice!" After our conversation, Mrs. Dyson called again a few days later.

"Hey! I'm gonna buy you a Kindle Fire and Mom an electric blanket for Christmas. Do you think that will be alright?" asked Mrs. Dyson.
Slightly stunned, I replied, "Now, that you have taken the surprise out of opening presents on Christmas Day; I think it will have to be 'alright'."
"I can get you and Mom something else," offered Mrs. Dyson.
"No! No! No! A Kindle Fire and an electric blanket for Mom would be just perfect."
"I just don't want y'all to go out and buy one before Christmas," said Mrs. Dyson.
I replied, "Okay. So, I'm gonna forget we just had this conversation and will act surprised on Christmas morning."
"That sounds fine," Mrs. Dyson said with a laugh.

So, on Christmas Eve Eve (two days before Christmas Day); I baked my late Aunt Ellen's pound cake from scratch; drank some liquor and wondered if Mrs. Dyson had forgotten about the Kindle Fire. However, I wasn't above going to Wal-Mart to purchase my own electronic gadget. On Christmas Eve, I fried a turkey; drank some Jim Beam bourbon and fixed Daddy's macaroni and cheese.

Now, Christmas Day had finally arrived. I went to church, enjoyed a nice service and returned home to have a margarita or two or three for Jesus' birthday. There's nothing better than a few birthday drinks. Sitting around the tree with Mom, Mrs. Dyson and Noir with Daddy in heaven; we began opening our gifts. I opened the gift from Noir, first. I found a nice long sleeve shirt along with a leather tablet cover.

"Okay. I can use this cover for my notepad when I go to meetings," I said.
"You sure can," Noir said with a giggle.

Opening the gift from my sister, I discovered a Kindle Fire tucked snugly in a box. I was so glad that she remembered that I played with it for the rest of the day. Actually, I was so excited by the gift that I had forgotten to eat my Christmas dinner. I had wondered why I was slightly dizzy upon waking the next morning. It may have been because of low blood sugar from not eating or I had too many margaritas for Jesus' birthday. My Facebook friends believe that it was the latter.

My Kindle Fire was able to download all of my Yahoo contacts. It fits and feels nice in my hands, and it's easy to navigate with plenty of books, newspapers, magazines and apps to choose from. I can even check my email messages and save documents. It certainly is "the gift," and it has a nice price, too.

I know this post sounds like a product endorsement (perhaps, someone important will read this and pay me some money); but, I haven't been this excited about a Christmas present since I was around ten years old. I may share that story next year.

Speaking of gifts, my friend, Kathy, purchased two-hundred dollars worth of gifts from her friend, Marie, for a fundraising project. That's right - two-hundred dollars. After Kathy had carefully selected her items, Marie had a question.

"How would you like to pay for these gifts?" asked Marie.
"What are my options?" Kathy asked in return.
"Cash. Check. Money Order. Credit Card," replied Marie.
"Well, how about you use the two-hundred dollars that you owe me from five months ago to purchase my gifts," Kathy stated.
Marie, somewhat stunned, replied, "Oh, okay," and walked away with her head hung low.

And finally, my other friend, Roger, bought himself a brand new car as an early Christmas present. It is his new pride and joy. No eating and no drinking are allowed in his car. However, his young grandson is free to break the rules. One day, Roger had pressed a few buttons in the car and was unable to start the vehicle for a whole day - much to his wife's, Samantha's, amusement. She isn't allowed to eat or drink in the car, either. And, Samantha cannot understand why the grandson has free reign in her husband's car. After some time had passed, Roger realized that he did not properly hook up the GPS to this car which caused it not to run. Samantha is still laughing at Roger, his new car, and his use of Cialis. He is not amused, though. I'll share that story, later.

Until next week....keep praising His name,
Happy New Year!

Sir Charles

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