Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Thanksgiving Wedding

I was trying not to post anything this week. I figured that each of you were traveling and/or spending time with family and friends for Thanksgiving and would not have time to read my blog with a new name - Smile Network with Sir Charles. However, I couldn't help myself.

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and if Daddy were still alive; he and Mom would have been celebrating their wedding anniversary on tomorrow. Their anniversary always seem fall on or around Thanksgiving Day. During my daily travels, I began to remember when we moved into our new brick home years ago. I was more concerned about the yearly holiday dinner. So, I decided to asked Daddy about our holiday plans.

"Since we're moving into our new home during the holidays; will we have turkey for Thanksgiving?" I asked him.
Daddy replied, "No, we're going to be too busy moving. So, we will have liver, onions and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner."
I gasped in a state of disbelief and immediately ran to Mom for the true and real deal. She replied, "We are having turkey and all the trimmings at Mother Gertrude's house."
"Thank God," was my reply.

Years later on the day before Thanksgiving; my niece, Noir, and I were looking at photographs of Mom and Daddy's wedding. Mom was a radiant bride and Daddy was a dashing groom - fresh from the U.S. Navy. My niece and I studied every detail of the wedding held at my maternal grandparents home. We recognized the entire wedding party and marveled at the gifts on the canopy bed.

Then came the reception photographs. I had mistakenly asked Daddy what was served for their reception.
"We had hot dogs for the reception and pork and beans," he replied.
"Hot dogs and pork and beans?" Noir asked.
"Yeah, hot dogs and pork and beans. We were too poor to eat anything else," Daddy replied with a straight face.
Giving Daddy my I don't believe you look, I asked, "Mom, what did y'all have at the reception?"
Mom replied, "We had finger sandwiches and scoops of ice cream for dessert."
"I thought so. Daddy, you always got jokes," I offered.

After some thought, I asked Mom (for an honest answer), "Listen, your wedding anniversary always fall on Thanksgiving or the day after. Did the two of you get married on Thanksgiving Day?"
"No," she replied.
"Did they celebrate Thanksgiving way back then? Had it been invented, yet?"
Shocked, Mom replied, "Yes, we had Thanksgiving back then. Daddy and I got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving!"
"Ohhhhhhh, okay!" I replied. "I'm assuming that Thanksgiving was on Thursday and not a Saturday back then, too."
"Thanksgiving has always been on a Thursday," Mom replied.
"I know right," I replied with a broad smile.

Fast forward to another Thanksgiving wedding anniversary, I asked Daddy, "You and Mom have been married for 52 years. How does it feel?" I began to regret asking that question.
"Like we've been married for 82 years," he replied, with a slight smile.

One year, Noir asked me how long has her grandparents been married. I replied with amusement, "Add one year to your mother's age, and that's how long they have been married. See, your Mama was a honeymoon baby."

Until next week....Keep praising His name and Happy Thanksgiving!
Sir Charles

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