Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Head Doctor

So, it's a Saturday night and I'm watching "The Dick Van Dyke Show" 50th anniversary marathon on the TV Land Channel. The episode is entitled, "Never Bathe on a Saturday" in which Laura Petrie manages to get her big toe stuck in the bathtub faucet. I love to hear Laura whine, "Oh, Rob!" when something comical happens. Anyway, Laura's current predicament brought to mind a time in which I had a similar situation.

Let's picture it: I am 5 years old and had just arrived at my grandparents house from kindergarten. Papa had just finished fixing me a peanut butter and peach jelly sandwich. He always toasted the bread before spreading the peanut butter to help soften it. Mother Gertrude was doing some housework for a friend of the family. Mom and Dad were at work and my sister, "Blenda" (a.k.a. Belinda) as I pronounced it back then along with my cousins, Tommy and Tee Tee were at school. Aunt Ellen was also working as an elementary school teacher.

After I had finished my warm and delicious sandwich, my childhood friend, Lillie Bee, rang the door bell. She always rang the bell at the same time so that we could have our usual afternoon play date. This particular day, we decided to sit on my grandparents massive front porch and poke fun as passerbys. Once we became bored, Lillie Bee had a great idea - or so I thought. She jumped off the porch glider and kneeled in front of the wrought iron railings that enclosed the entire smooth, brick porch.

"Look, I can get my head in and out of this railing," Lillie Bee offered as she poked her small head between the railings. "Why don't you try it?" my friend asked.
Forgetting that I have a large head, I replied, "Okay," as I placed my head between the railings.
"Now, take your head out," Lillie Bee, commanded.
Struggling to free myself, I replied, "I can't. My head is stuck."
"Huh? What?" she replied.
"Go get Papa in the house and tell him that my head is stuck," I said.

Seconds later, Papa appeared on the front porch. Standing behind me, I'm thinking that Papa was laughing hysterically as he told Lillie Bee to ask her grandmother, Big Mama, to help him free his youngest grandson. Papa normally coughed and laughed at the same time - especially when he was extremely amused. And that is what he was doing behind me - laughing silently and coughing aloud.

Within a flash, Big Mama rushed to the front porch; stood in front of me and with the strength of an Amazon, pulled the railings apart until my head was finally free.

Now, all of this happened before the advent of cell phones, emails, text messages, computers and all of our other modern technological conveniences. So, I'm still a little puzzled as to why Mom, Dad, "Blenda," Mother Gertrude, Tommy, Tee Tee, and Aunt Ellen all laughed at the very first sight of me - not unless Papa couldn't contain himself and called everybody at work and school while he coughed. From that day forward, Papa's new nickname for me was - "Head Doctor."

This story isn't the only time I got stuck somewhere. I will share that one on next week.

As usual, keep praising His name.

Much Love,
Sir Charles

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