Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Harvest Moon (Repost)

One fall evening as the harvest moon was making her grand appearance, Mom and Dad had asked my sister, Belinda,  to take me to the neighborhood store with her to pick up a few items. With a slight huff, she consented. We walked down the long street leading to Sonny's Grocery Store and Grill. Hand-in-hand, we crossed the busy street and entered the semi-crowded establishment. All of Belinda's friends were in attendance. Sonny was ringing sales on the cash register and music from the grill section of the store was flowing through the air. It was a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere.

I didn't know a soul in this place except for Sonny. Belinda laughed and talked with her friends in the grill while I decided to wander through the store aisles. Minutes passed and I couldn't find my big sister. Leaving Sonny's Store, I stood outdoors in the fall air trying to see if she was waiting for me. I proceeded across the street and into the darkness. Dogs barked in the background. Wolves howled at the moon. Porch lights flickered as I traveled along the narrow street. Black cats dashed passed me as my heart rate increased its rhythm. Bats flew from the trees and into the night. A witch's silhouette had eclipsed the golden moon. Ghosts had encircled my trembling body. My mouth became as dry as a desert from the frightening experience. When I came to the end of the road, I found a large house on the right, walked up the steps and turned the door knob with my small hand. Entering the house with a creaky door; a deep, bass voice asked, "What are you doing here, alone?" as I trembled in fear. "Close the door," he commanded.

Meanwhile, inside Sonny's Store - Belinda yells, "Where is my little brother? He's gone! Somebody help me find him! Oh, God!" The store patrons scrambled about searching for me - underneath tables - in the restroom - behind the counters - in the kitchen - all to no avail. With a heavy chest and mind, Belinda returned home wondering how to break the news to Mom and Dad that I was gone - forever.

Walking into our house; the deep, bass voice asked, "Where is your little brother?"
Belinda replied, "Daddy, I lost him."
Smiling slightly, Daddy replied, "No, you didn't. He got here a little while ago. He's in the bedroom in his pajamas."
"What? He's here?" Belinda yelled. "Charles C.! Come here!"
Returning to the living room, I said, "What?"
"What happened to you?" Belinda asked.
"Well, I thought you had left me at Sonny's. So, I walked home," I replied.
"I had the whole store looking for you! Dang, boy!" offered Belinda with relief.
Interrupting our conversation, Mom said, "Belinda, since tomorrow is Halloween; you can take Charles C. 'trick-or-treating.'"  She thought, "As payback for losing your brother."

So, there I was on Halloween night dressed in my "Casper the Friendly Ghost" costume and mask. The harvest moon illuminated our path as we spoke to other trick-or-treater's. I carried an orange jack-o-lantern to receive my trick or treat candy in one hand and with the other hand I tightly held my favorite sister. Well, she's my only sister. Later that night, my jack-o-lantern got so heavy from the candy, I could hardly carry it at six-years-old. The teenage Belinda didn't offer to carry it, either. Can you blame her?

(Okay. So, there were no bats, ghosts, dogs, witches, wolves or black cats on my walk home from the store. I just took some creative license with this true story for Halloween. A  porch light did flicker. I wondered if they had paid their electricity bill.)

Until next week, much love and keep praising HIS name!
Sir Charles

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