Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It Will Last Forever - The Conclusion

Last week, I shared with you in my post entitled, "It Will Last Forever" some birthday gift ideas for my sister, Mrs. Dyson. After much thought, I decided to purchase a brand new Verizon android cell phone. I had imagined that this would put me in the running for the "Brother of the Year" award. However, I am Mrs. Dyson's only brother. So, I win by default.

Selecting a new cell phone for my sister was no easy task. The local Verizon store was extremely busy, and I didn't receive any help from any of the sales associates. Later that day, I called the 1-800 customer service number and asked the brazen sales associate about how to purchase a phone. She promptly informed me that I was not authorized to view her account - which I understood.

My next question was, "What is the best way to purchase a phone for her birthday?"
"You can purchase a Verizon gift card, and she can go to a Verizon store and purchase her own phone. That is only because you are not authorized to view her account, and I can't let you do that."
Agitated, I replied, "You told me that already. Do you think I'm a freaking idiot? Huh?"
"No, sir. Just get her a gift card....because I really cannot open her account to be viewed," the sales associate replied.
"If you say that one more time...I swear....I will....", I said, stopping mid-sentence. Continuing, "Thanks for nothing," I finally offered.
"Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?"
"Hell no!" I replied, pushing the "end call" button on the phone.

After all of that anguish, I purchased a Verizon gift card and presented it to Mrs. Dyson on this past Sunday, which was her birthday.

My sister took one look at the gift card with a note that read, "For a brand new cell phone"; placed both of her manicured hands on her cheeks and released a loud pitch wail as tears streamed down her face. If I didn't know any better; I would have thought that she had won the Miss America Pageant complete with a crown, sash, roses and cape along with $75,000.00 in scholarships, cash and prizes. I could almost hear Bert Parks singing, "Here She Is, Miss America...." Okay, she didn't do all that stuff. I just took a little creative license with her reaction to the present. Actually, Mrs. Dyson was very thankful, gracious and surprised.

As I type this post, Mrs. Dyson and my niece are selecting a new phone at the Verizon store. Mrs. Dyson mentioned that she likes my iPhone and is leaning toward getting one just like it.

My work is done and my weary mind is rested - until it's time to buy her a Christmas present.

Much love to each of you and keep praising His name,
Sir Charles

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