Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"It's not in braille"

Since birth, I have belonged to the same church, and we are getting ready to celebrate 214 years of worship service in July. (And no, I'm not 214 years old, either.) I serve on the Trustee Ministry as well as the Usher Ministry. I am required to usher every first Sunday of the month.  I must admit that I get a little agitated when church members decide to arrive late for worship service and ask me where should they sit. My normal response is, "I dunno. Service starts at 11 a.m. not 11:30." I am surprised that I haven't been kicked off the Usher Ministry or been reported to the National Church Usher Board Committee - if one exists. A couple of members have even accused me of bumping their heads with the offertory plate. Well, they were sitting at the end of the pew and didn't slightly tilt their head to the opposite side while I retrieved the plate to move to the next pew. It was an honest mistake.

Standing at my post, dressed in my black usher uniform with a white tie and passing out bulletins for the day's worship service to the early arrivals; I greeted each member with, "Good Morning! You look nice today!" or "Praise the Lord! It's good to see you!" Moments later, one of our visually impaired members, Mr. Robinson, entered the sanctuary on the arm of another gentleman. He must've recognized me by my distinctive voice.

Mr. Robinson stated, "G'Morning Brother Lee. May I have a bulletin, please?"
"What for?" I asked. "It's not in braille."
"Well, for all you know, I may ask someone to read it to me," Mr. Robinson replied.
I countered, "Oh. If you take it to Picadilly Cafeteria after worship service you will get ten percent off your meal."

Needless to say, I don't think he has spoken to me in about a couple of years. And, I stand at my usual post and give him my best greeting each Sunday that I'm on usher duty. Oh, well. Do you blame him? Next time, I will tell you about the little boy who fell at my feet while I was ushering.

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