Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FIT Testing

I enjoy my work at a local health department, and I enjoy my co-workers even more. Generally, we get along just fine - well sometimes. And, they seem to appreciate my sense of humor and occasional pranks. During the lunch time hour, a number of us gather in the spacious break room. We eat, talk and laugh while "The Young and the Restless" plays on the mounted television set above our heads. Eating with my usual co-workers, Denny, a male nurse who always leave a trail of crumbs; and Juanita, the IT professional, who talks above all others; we began our own private conversation.

Denny is responsible for assisting with the employee wellness clinic to include giving work related immunizations and fitting employees for masks in case of a bioterrorist attack better known in the office as getting "FIT tested". We all have to come to work in the event of a disaster whether it's man made or by Mother Nature. He inquired if Juanita and I wanted to get FIT tested. Denny wanted to practice this art on someone.

Juanita declined the fitting stating that she didn't have time and she has a few masks in various sizes at home - just in case al qaeda paid her a surprise visit. Denny then directed his questions toward me:

Denny: Have you been FIT tested in case we have a bioterrorist attack, yet?
Me: No, how does that work?
Denny: I'll fit you for a mask that covers your whole entire head to ensure a proper fitting.
Me: How long does the mask have to stay on my head?
Denny: For you (since you tease and pick on me all the time)? Until you pass out on the floor.
Me: <Jaw drops to chest.>

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